Lindner Socks Pty Ltd

Everything you wanted to know about socks but were afraid to ask.

It’s curious that something that almost everybody wears every day gets so little attention, but the comfort and durability of a well made pair of socks can make all the difference to your day. If you’d like to know why, you can read our answers to 20 questions about socks that you were afraid to ask.

At Lindner Socks we knit a variety of sock styles in different  yarns, with a focus on natural fibres.  Not sure what to choose? To help you find the pair of socks that’s right for you, we’ve compiled some notes on how we make socks, the benefits of different fibres such as "medium" merino wool, "fine"merino wool, cotton and alpaca, as well as explaining the need for the of a little synthetic fibre for optimum quality.

We love our local farmers and skilled craftspeople

We are now stocking an ever growing range of locally made scarves, beanies and jumpers.  Our aim is to create a selection of great quality merino and alpaca products using wool sourced from our surrounding area.  Ultimately we’d love to have the local wools processed on our doorstep, a goal we’re seeking to achieve in the near future.