New Collection - Millpost X Lindner

We are very excited to announce we have a brand new collection - Millpost X Lindner.

​The collection includes our first-ever pure wool socks, made from 100% Millpost Merino wool. 

Millpost’s Saxon Poll Merino sheep are grazed on their biodynamic farm near Bungendore, NSW. The fine merino wool is then spun and dyed in New Zealand.

It is our vision is to create products that will not only feel great, but have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

Even though we pride ourselves on knitting long lasting socks, we have also considered the afterlife of our products. That is why we have intentionally removed all elastic and nylon from our ‘Stringybark’ socks, which are knitted with 100% Millpost merino wool, and the toe seams finished with our statement blue silk thread.  

As a 100% merino wool product, these socks will not last forever, and being a natural product, they require a little bit more love and care with a cold hand wash.

However, they can be darned, and composted when no longer repairable without leaving a trace of micro plastics. 

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