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A little bit of history

The Lindner Sock story began in Germany in the 1920's, and is continuing to grow in Australia, first coming to Goulburn, and now situated in Crookwell, NSW, a small, community orientated country town. The socks are manufactured in the factory behind the shop. Lindner Quality Socks is registered with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign.

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A sneak peak into our sock factory

Australian Made Socks

Find us in the main Street of Crookwell.
Experience old fashioned country service.
Pop your head into the factory, Monday to Friday
for a glimpse of a running sock machine.
     Open Monday to Friday
        9- 4:30
        Shop also open
    Saturday  9:30 - 12:30

02 4832 0202

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The new thick work socks made from 19 micron locally grown merino (also available in loose tops) wool are absolute crackers. I bought three pairs from your online service (two for me, one for the Sheriff) they are now the first ones out of the sock drawer in the morning. Worth every cent!.

Michael - Springrange, NSW

I don't know how you guys stay in business. Nine years ago, while travelling, I bought a pair of the thick wool/nylon socks at a market. Since then they've seen a weekly average of 5 - 10 hours of manual & landscaping work in my hard steel-capped boots. Logic says they must have thinned a little since then, but I really can't see it. Just tracked you down now so I could make this comment!

Greg - Berowra, NSW

I received my sock order today and again we are very happy with them. I will certainly be ordering again in the future.

Lorraine - Bribie Island, QLD

Thank you for your handwritten note included with the socks. I am so grateful for the advice that I was given when I made my first order recently, and this is my third. For years I have had enormous trouble with socks which would twist in my shoes fitted with orthotics, it was very painful because it caused rubbing and bruising of my feet, no matter how good the support given by the orthotics. The woman who spoke to me on the phone considered my brief, and recommended your medium weight socks, and to try a heavy weight cushioned sole sock. I have had such comfort since with the socks you recommended, that I have now purchased more pairs, and enjoy the quality and comfort that they provide, after trying many other brands of socks that promised a lot but which did not perform. I am a very satisfied customer, and recommend your socks enthusiastically. I am sorry not to have visited your works yet, it has been my intention for a long time, but will get there soon.

Lindsay Skinner - NSW