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Merino Socks

Lindner Merino wool socks for maximum comfort

Our most popular socks are our merino wool range.

Merino sheep were first imported into Australia in 1797 from the Royal Merino Flocks of Spain. Skilful breeding and selection led to the development of the Australian Merino, a breed uniquely suited to the environment.

In Crookwell, we are surrounded by many great breeders of merino sheep ( and we have a passion for creating the best quality socks from some of the best merino wool to be found anywhere.

The unique qualities of merino wool make it ideal for both leisure, fashion and work socks in any environment. While wool retains its insulating properties  whether wet or dry, cotton loses all its insulating properties when wet (whether from sweat or splashing through puddles), and nobody likes cold damp feet.

The solution is to invest in well made, good quality merino wool socks. While the use of a premium fibre such as merino means the socks aren't as cheap as mass produced cotton or nylon socks, the benefit of greater comfort and longer lasting socks means your real cost may actually be less.