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Comfortable - Long lasting - Hand finished

Socks: we wear them every day but often don't think about them unless there's a hole, or they bunch up, or we lose one in the wash.

But a sock is not just a sock, a well made sock is a marvel of functional design. They stop our feet getting blisters, they cushion our feet for comfort, they draw (wick) sweat away from the skin, and more often than not, look great as well.

  • comfortable, long lasting, hand finished socks from Lindner Quality Socks

    Excellence in workmanship for the finest socks

    As cheap mass produced socks have become almost the only type we can buy, the qualities of a fine sock have been forgotten.

    But it doesn't have to be that way, Lindner Quality Socks are proud to make fine products using traditional techniques and finishing by hand. We make socks that last, that won't strangle your legs, that will keep you warm and comfortable in winter and cool and comfortable in summer.

    The Lindner Quality Socks storystarted in the 1920s in Germany and we are still a family owned business with a passion for quality. We know about our socks, we make them using traditional knitting machines and hand finish them in our factory behind our shop in Crookwell, NSW.

  • Soft Merino Socks


    The response to our "free shipping" Christmas Promotion was amazing, in fact you were so enthusiastic we've decided to extend the promotion to 31st January.

    This offer applies on our new range of 18.5 micron Local Fine Merino Wool Socks

    We’re excited about our new range of merino socks and we hope you will be as well.
    We’ve sourced the finest merino wool from local farmers here on the Southern Tablelands, and added a new range of fun colours. These socks are so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off!
    To make it easier for you to try the new merino socks, we’ll ship any order from this range for free until the end of January.

    Click here  to order your new socks now. No minimum order, offer valid until January 31st, 2018, Australia wide.

    If this style or colour is not for you, watch this space for new products and promotions.

  • Experience the comfort of hand finished Lindner Quality Socks

    All day comfort - you owe it to your feet

    Using top grade fibres, primarily wool and cotton, we make socks that are comfortable and durable. The well formed heels will ensure a snug and secure fit all the time, and our loose top products are perfect if elastic tops aren't suitable for you.

    Our socks are great value and will last for years, compared to cheap mass produced products that might only last a few months.

    Our range covers all sorts of use, for work, hiking, dress, and for some fun and flair our hand dyed rainbow socks will light up any room. (If you have a washing machine with an appetite for socks, we can even knit you a single one! )

  • Not sure what to choose, this guide will help

    Find your Perfect Product - Fibres, What's the Difference?

    At Lindner Socks we knit a variety of sock styles in different yarns, with a focus on natural fibres.  Not sure what to choose? To help you find the pair of socks that’s right for you, we’ve compiled some notes on how we make socks, the benefits of different fibres such as "medium" merino wool, "fine"merino wool, cotton and alpaca, as well as explaining the need for a little synthetic.

    Click here for more details

  • Lindner Quality socks in downtown New York

    Read what our customers think about our Socks and Service

    We love to hear about the places our socks have travelled to, and what you think about your Lindner Socks. Just send us an e-mail with your thoughts and we'll add it to our testimonial page:

    "I don't know how you guys stay in business.

    Nine years ago, while travelling, I bought a pair of the thick wool/nylon socks at a market.

    Since then they've seen a weekly average of  5 - 10 hours of manual & landscaping work in my hard steel-capped boots. Logic says they must have thinned a little since then, but I really can't see it.

    Just tracked you down now so I could make this comment!

    Greg - Berowra, NSW