Introducing Our First-Ever Wool/Hemp Blend Socks

We are very excited to reveal our latest sustainable socks – Merino + Hemp. 

Combining the softness, warmth and breathability of merino wool with the strength and abrasion-resistance of hemp, these socks are comfortable on your feet, and kind to the environment.

We’ve decided to highlight the seams with our statement blue silk, as a reminder that we’ve removed all elastic and nylon from the socks, so they can be composted when no longer repairable, without leaving a trace of microplastics. 

Our medium weight, ribbed loose top ‘Echidna’ socks are our first style available in the Merino + Hemp range, with thick full-cushioned and ribbed ankle styles arriving soon! 

Our ‘Echidna’ socks are perfectly paired with snug, well-fitted shoes. The absence of elastic and nylon may cause the sock to become baggy on the foot, when worn as house or bed socks, or with loose fitting shoes.  

To shop our ‘Echidna’ Merino + Hemp socks, please click here.