'Max Plus' Socks Have Arrived

Love our 'Max' thick, full-cushioned merino socks, but wish they sat just a bit higher on your leg? Then our 'Max Plus' socks are for you. 

Following feedback from emergency service workers, we've added approximately 8cm to the leg length of our traditional 'Max' socks, to create the 'Max Plus' and ensure the socks finish just above the cuff of longer length work boots.

Just like our 'Max' thick, full-cushioned merino socks, the outside of our 'Max Plus' socks is a tidy plain knit, while on the inside the threads are pulled by terry jacks during knitting to form a loop between every stitch (like the surface of a towel) giving them a springy feel and extra air pockets for insulation. 

Strong and durable, they are the ultimate work and outdoor/adventure sock.

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