Selecting Your Style

We’re often asked why we have so many sock styles. While it’s true that it’s perfectly fine to wear the same pair of socks with different shoes and for different environments, when you wear a traditionally crafted pair of socks knitted for particular conditions or shoe styles, you realise just how much more comfortable, warm and dry your feet can be even in the toughest environment. 

To help you choose the right style for you, we’ve created a handy information guide below. 

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us – our friendly staff are here to help.



Sock Styles Explained


Learn about our various sock styles, to help decide which is best for you.



Which Sock Goes With Which Shoe Style?


Match our socks to your shoe type and intended use. 



Loose Top Socks


Learn about our Loose Top socks, and whether they're right for you.