Sock Styles Explained

We knit many styles of socks, from workwear to fashion – and everything in between.

Thick Full Cushioned


Knitted on our Bentley Komet machines, these socks are constructed using two to four threads of wool or cotton yarn depending on the yarn thickness or ply, with one thread of nylon for reinforcement and stretch. The outside of the sock is a tidy plain knit, while on the inside the threads are pulled by terry jacks during knitting to form a loop between every stitch (like the surface of a towel) giving them a springy feel and extra air pockets for insulation.

Warm, soft, springy, thick socks like these are brilliant for so many uses.

In our Heritage range, our MaxMax Loose Top and Max Plus thick full-cushioned merino socks are the style affectionately known to local farmers and tradies as “concrete socks”. Made from 75% merino wool and 25% nylon, our Max socks allow workers to stand comfortably all day on cold, hard concrete without their feet getting sore, cold or tired. Our Minna thick full-cushioned socks, made from a blend of 44% merino wool, 29% cotton and 27% nylon, will also keep you comfy all day and keep the blisters at bay.

In our Tablelands range, our Roslyn socks make the ideal house or bed socks. Made from 85% fine merino wool grown locally on the NSW Southern Tablelands with a little nylon (15%) added for strength these thick, spongy socks will have you feeling like you’re walking on air.

In our Luxury range, our Laggan socks are the ultimate in warmth and comfort. Made from a blend of local fine merino wool (46%), alpaca fibre (29%) and a mix of silk (12%) and nylon (13%) for strength, these are the perfect house or bed socks to keep you warm in winter.

In our Renew range, our synthetic-free Wombat socks are made from 97% merino wool and 3% hemp. 

Knee-High Thick Full Cushioned  


Constructed in the same way as our Thick Full-Cushioned Socks, our Heritage range Hermann socks, extend up over the calf and up to just below the knee. This is how we stay warm in a Crookwell winter. 

Made from 75% merino wool and 25% nylon, these socks have long been popular with motorcyclists and skiers, and are ideal for wearing with gumboots.

Medium Thickness Ribbed 


Using the same number of threads of wool or cotton and nylon as our Thick Full-Cushioned Socks, the sole our Medium Thickness Ribbed Socks is a smooth plain stocking stitch knit inside and out, and the upper foot and leg is a one to one rib. 

These socks are designed to allow a high proportion of natural fibre to synthetic without the bulk of the Thick Full-Cushioned style, meaning you can have some warmth and springiness inside tighter-fitting shoes. 

This is a wonderfully versatile style, that can be worn with an array of different shoe styles. 

In our Heritage range, our Otto and Otto Loose Top socks are made from 75% merino and 25% nylon. The merino wool ensures your feet stay warm in winter and the ribbed style ventilates your feet in the summer months. If you prefer to wear cotton in warmer weather, our Elsa socks, made from 85% cotton and 15% nylon, are a great option.

In our Tablelands range, our Narrawa and Narrawa Loose Top socks, made from 80% locally-grown fine merino wool and 20% nylon, provide a superior level of comfort and softness. If you’re after a unique statement sock our hand-dyed Kiamma socks are knitted using the same fibre content as our Narrawa style – they’re just a tad more colourful! 

If you're after a synthetic-free sock, our Echidna socks are made with 96.5% merino wool and 3.5% hemp. 

Fine Knit



Our two German Esta machines knit our Fine Knit socks with one thread of wool or cotton and one nylon thread using fine gauge needles resulting in thin and comfortable socks to be worn with dress shoes and boots. 

The sole of the foot has an even, plain stocking stitch knit, with a fine one to one rib on the upper foot, leg and cuff. 

Our Fine Knit style is available in our Heritage range. Our Alfred and Alfred Loose Top socks are made from 60% merino and 40% nylon. Our Walter and Walter Loose Top socks has the same fibre content as our Alfred socks, but is knitted in an argyle style. If you’re after a cotton fine knit, our Elly socks are made using 75% cotton and 25% nylon.


Ribbed Ankle Socks


Our Ribbed Ankle Socks ensure good ventilation making them ideal as sports socks. 

As with all of our socks, our well-rounded heels ensure these socks will stay where they should on your foot, and by making the ankle cuff slightly higher than in other ankle sock styles we ensure that the back of your ankles won’t rub on your shoe as you exercise. 

In our Tablelands range, our Redground socks are made with 80% locally grown fine merino wool and 20% nylon. The insulating properties of merino wool mean they’ll keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, plus they’ll wick away moisture, which means goodbye sweaty feet! 

If you prefer cotton, our Heritage range Johanne socks are made from 80% cotton and 20% nylon.


If you’d like to learn more about which sock goes with which shoe style, click here